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Gift It started in 2017 by myself, Danielle Bailey. I am a married mother of two and a soccer mom (just like to throw that in there).  I was an accountant for over 15 years.  I attended The University of Michigan where I met and later married my husband, Dante’ Bailey.  We have two wonderful children.  Our children are 19 years and 14 years of age.  I have one girl and one boy.  My daughter currently attends Howard University and my son is a Freshman at one of the local Ann Arbor high schools.  This is my life.  I classify myself as a soccer mom because it has also been part of my life for the past 16 years.  If you know anything about soccer moms, you know that it kind of controls our world. 

I’ve always wanted to go into business for myself, but never got the nerve.  It has always been easier setting up someone else’s books, organizing their business, or doing their accounting, but what was the challenge in that.  While that has always brought my family steady income, I’ve always felt as though something has been missing.  I just wasn’t enjoying it anymore.  I needed something else.  Going to work every day and looking at numbers day in and day out was becoming boring, I needed an outlet.  After work, I would spend most of my time crafting and making things.  I am a crafter (is there a Crafters Anonymous somewhere) and I love to shop. I simply love to buy, make or do for other people.  I have tried and done everything.  Jewelry making, hand painting, crocheting, flowering arranging, you name it, I’ve tried it. It makes me happy, so why not do what you love full time and enjoy it.   Is it really possible to shop and craft as a profession, well this is where Gif It comes in.
Gift It is a online store where people can purchase custom gifts.  I specialize in gift baskets for birthdays, weddings, baby showers and even sympathy gifts.  Gift it is your one stop shop for any special occasion gift.  It is truly for the shopper that wants to make that gift one of a kind and truly yours.  If you want something monogrammed or a custom t-shirt for graduation or that friend who is really hard to shop for.  Give me a call, I will make something that is uniquely there’s.

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